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Jeffrey Myers,, Managing Partner, TTL I checked the VIDEOGRAPHER box for Steve; it's an imperfect, incomplete fit. Other options were tempting: HANDYMAN, BUSINESS COACH, CAREER COACH, HANDYMAN... and more. All these, and even OTHER, fit Steve because of his broad approach to business. He runs a great video production house. That's like saying Tiffany sells some jewelry. Steve's knowledge of his industry is encyclopaedic. And he is able and willing to bring every ounce of that brainpower to every job. Toss in incredible creativity, efficiency and a true producer's mentality ("what do you mean it can't be done?? 
We're DOIN' IT!" and you'll see why he was able to get the Hudson River to flow all the way down to North Carolina. He over delivers, exceeds expectations and astonishes at every opportunity. There's only one question: Why are you still reading this? CALL HIM!